DAKKA PRESS presents is an independent podcast publishing the best of submitted short stories and audioplays in addition to house works edited and produced by our team.  Our first “season” of house content is scheduled on a monthly basis.  Submitted material represents bi-monthly DAKKA PRESS presents episodes as available.

We are looking for fiction that adapts well to audio only formats and lasts approximately 20 to 30 minutes when read (with a soft cap of 45 minutes).    Longer items may be considered but are less viable for us due to a number of reasons (scheduling, extra production, budget, etc.). Episodes are viable if and only if they stand entirely on their own.

Prose and audioplays are preferred to screenplays, but screenplays may be considered if the work does not lean heavily on its visuals. Works should be roughly within roughly the MPAA’s PG-13 guidelines.

We accept genre fiction and fun “popcorn” reads but enjoy a variety of fiction as long as it has some teeth to it.

By submitting to DAKKA PRESS presents you assert you hold and offer DAKKA PRESS the one-time right to edit and publish submitted work as a podcast. This includes an audio adaptation and an attached episode script. This right is relinquished by DAKKA PRESS upon rejection.  Two months after publication, all rights revert to you.

Accepted works will be bought at 1.5 cents/word up to 3,500 words and 0.4 cents/word up to 6,500 words. Our minimum payment is $20. If we don’t think a work is worth that, we aren’t interested. We do not accept paid submissions from current members of the DAKKA PRESS team and may extend this policy to friends and family members on a case by case basis.

Send submissions through our contact form with subject SUBMISSION <TITLE OF WORK> (Quotes and typos will result in misplaced entries). Please submit in .RTS, .DOC or .DOCX format. Previously printed stories may be considered, but we are not interested in stories with existing audio adaptations. Please refrain from simultaneous submission.