DAKKA PRESS presents is an independent podcast publishing the best of submitted short stories and audioplays in addition to house works edited and produced by our team.  Fiction submissions are now closed.

If you would like to get involved with DAKKA PRESS we are currently looking for people interested in providing fiction workshop-style critiques and/or interested in voicing roles.

Reciprocal critiquing resources, while excellent, are currently slowing down publication.  If you are interested in providing input on upcoming DAKKA PRESS house works in production let us know, and we might send some your way.  If you are unfamiliar with critique, or just need a refresher, the guide at is respectable.  Never critiqued before?  Not a problem. We will prioritize any contributor that can provide clear and useful input.

If you would like to be considered for voice parts that need filling, consider sending a short voice sample our way. You will need a stable internet connection, a free program like Audacity to record with,  a place to record and a passable recording device. Not sure you have a passable recording device?  As long as you don’t have noticeable feedback or background noise send it our way and let us decide.

While our resources only stretch to payment in the form of best fiction we can provide, critique writers and voice actors will be credited at the end of each episode as appropriate.  External authors and commissioned design and illustration work will be compensated as usual.

Send submissions through our contact form with subject VOICE WORK or subject CRITIQUE as appropriate. Quotes and typos will result in misplaced entries.

All recordings and house works are property of DAKKA PRESS.