State of DAKKA PRESS PRESENTS Oct 2020 [edited]

TLDR: It seems we may not have enough DAKKA.

DAKKA PRESS PRESENTS  is currently on hiatus. The ~3 hours I’ve been able to carve out for projects weekly has not been sufficient for spearheading an operation like this.

Life is good here, but it’s back to the drawing board.  DAKKA PRESS PRESENTS may rise again in another form (and I believe we did have an episode or two mostly finished that we may put up), but we’ll have to see what the future holds.  Thanks all!

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We love stories here. We also love words.  Sometimes we make up our own words.  Like Kinderwurst.  It means child sausage in German.  But when we looked it up it was a real thing.  Germans are scary people.

The Stalking Sunbear is what happens when you let your love of words go too far.  That and sausage-children.

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