State of DAKKA PRESS PRESENTS Oct 2020 [edited]

TLDR: It seems we may not have enough DAKKA.

DAKKA PRESS PRESENTS  is currently on hiatus. The ~3 hours I’ve been able to carve out for projects weekly has not been sufficient for spearheading an operation like this.

Life is good here, but it’s back to the drawing board.  DAKKA PRESS PRESENTS may rise again in another form (and I believe we did have an episode or two mostly finished that we may put up), but we’ll have to see what the future holds.  Thanks all!

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2020 Gift Ideas

We’re going to be missing a lot of people over the holidays in 2020, so I figured we’d put together a list of gifts I liked for people stuck in a similar situation. This should be out early enough for you to (hopefully) get the cool stuff from overseas and make any projects.

Tried to add affiliate links to get that cool lil widget… mostly failed (though all amazon images are affiliate links) . Shop around for a better price if you think you can get one.

A Hand-Made Softcover Art/Writing Book

Price: Cost of materials. Maybe 40$ for the first and 5$ after? Depends on what you get.

Purchased: Materials for about 10? They’re cheaper in bulk.

Guide here.

Simple Bookbinding DIY TutorialThis is mostly for the artists and writers in your life, but I’m personally planning to make some picture books with the little one.

If you do have anyone who would make use of it… there’s just something decadent about scrawing in a fancy book instead of buying the cheapest materials that still work for yourself.

We picked up a pack of waterproof cardstock from home depot for the covers and the below.  We grabbed watercolor paper, but might end up using that for other projects. The cloth tape is for under the washi tape for improved durability. The washi tape was much thinner than i’d realized. Might want something wider if you don’t use the cloth tape.

Assassin’s Creed Hoodie

Price: 11.69$ (Alibaba link)

Purchased: 2

I have a serious weak spot for clothes designed after the badass stuff they have in video games and movies, but the licensed stuff tends to break the bank.

You’re getting the quality of materials you should expect for 11$  with the nylon blend that picks up fuzz and hair like a vacuum, but I quite liked the design and cut. If you get the majority black with the blue… you look a bit like a kingdom hearts character.

Mac and Cheese Powder

Price: $18

Purchased: 2

My SO loved one brand of mac and cheese… and they went out of business because it’s 2020 and of course they did. This giant tin of mac and cheese powder is almost exactly the same and it’s amazing.

Not much to be proud of in our home state this year. But at least we still have cheese.

Sunrise alarm clock


Purchased: 2

Waking up before it’s light out sucks on an existential level. This is designed for a gentle wake up instead of sudden loud noises in the dark. Also if your SO wakes up early it’s easy to sleep through the light and the noises that start out quiet… which helps a lot if someone likes hitting the snooze a lot. I’ve gifted at least 2.

Omoshiroi Post it notes (revealing papercraft statue)

Price: $16-27 (alibaba express)

Purchased: 0 (intending to pick one up, but haven’t seen these in person yet)

Sticky notes that reveal a delicate statue as they’re used. These ones look like they cleave to the statue instead of leaving a goofy box around it as you go.

They’re maybe a bit expensive, but come with a whole bunch of different statue options, and looked so pretty as you reveal them. There is some chance it doesn’t look as nice in person.

Click and Grow Hydroponic Growth Kit

Price: $99  ( amazon, look for a sale)

 Purchased: 2

Allows friends and family without a good light source or a green thumb to have fresh produce and herbs over the winter. If they keep it topped off with water, this thing grows them more or less without assistance.

Gifted 2: (I got these 20% off. The discount is worth the wait).  Herbs worked great. One recipient had trouble growing peppers (they kept almost getting big enough then dying), while the other hasn’t.

Your best ideas?

Feel free to let  me know if you have stuff you’d suggest. I imagine this list could be a lot longer.


We love stories here. We also love words.  Sometimes we make up our own words.  Like Kinderwurst.  It means child sausage in German.  But when we looked it up it was a real thing.  Germans are scary people.

The Stalking Sunbear is what happens when you let your love of words go too far.  That and sausage-children.

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